Beautiful Photography And Delicious Recipes

Are you a Food Blogger who’s TOO busy to Photograph, Research, Write and Test recipes?

I’d love to help! Buying my photographs is as easy as 1-2-3: 1.) CHOOSE a recipe. 2.) BUY the recipe. 3.) DOWNLOAD the recipe and images!

About Me

I’m Kanyi Muraguri, a food photographer and recipe developer based in Texas. I also happen to be a food blogger! I totally know how you’re feeling right now and I’d like to take a load off your plate by developing recipes and photographing them for you! ** I also do recreations! If that is what you are interested in, please contact me at

You will receive:

An email with a link to instantly download your recipe and images. A minimum of 20 scroll-stopping (high resolution) images. The images will include: * Vertical Process shots. * Vertical and Horizontal Hero shots. Tested recipes that include keywords, RankIQ A++ grade, and search volumes so your recipe can get ranked. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) that most people have about the recipe. Exclusive license to use the images on your blog, website, and social networks.

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